New Releases for TPAP: Essence of Regression videos now distributing

The TPAP program is an initiative for providing production services to high-potential content creators. TPAP selects individuals whose expertise is believed to offer significant educational value to public audiences.

We are especially interested in content creators from non-traditional and non-privileged backgrounds, whose expertise relates to social and behavioral sciences.

As you may know, the TPAP is a 1-3 year program. Contents are usually distributed incrementally beginning in the second year.

We are proud to announce that a TPAP participant has reached the two year mark! If you or someone you know is interested in multiple regression procedures in statistics for the social sciences, this channel may be useful to you.

Now releasing videos for the Essence of Regression! This video was the most popular. Ironically, this was the only video shot with low budget equipment (handheld cell phone, no lights or external microphone).

The video above was filmed during a brainstorming session between the producer and content creator, as a test of a short-form style. We thought the new format was fun, so we moved from hour-long videos to shorter clips like this. A year after posting, the video took off and gained over 2,000 views with 76 likes, 2 dislikes, and 15 comments (100% positive). Visit the Essence of Regression channel to see how the content creator’s style has evolved. See the channel here:

Interested in applying to the TPAP program? View the info page here. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

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